March 9, 2017

Ethiopia holds the mantle of being the birthplace of coffee, and with that, there is a long and storied history of coffee being a staple within their culture. Coffee is practically a character in the history of Ethiopia. Through time immemorial this ceremony has brough...

November 10, 2016

After waiting for Sumatran to come back in season for what seemed like an eternity, finally it has returned and boy, oh boy, have we found a great lot this time! Hailing from Indonesia, this co-op coffee packs a punch. It exemplifies the typical “Sumatran Flavor” in al...

October 13, 2016

One of our most versatile beans comes from Burundi; an East African country bordering Rwanda, Tanzania, and the Congo. It’s a washed processed bean grown at an altitude between 1400-1900 meters. Being of the bourbon varietal, it maintains its structure under the high h...

May 10, 2016

Hello Javaphiles!


Where Were We?


This is it - the 4th (5th, actually) and final (hopefully) installment of the Everything (Just some things, really) Coffee Series. We've meandered our way through lots of cool info! We've overlapped, criss-crossed, reviewed, generalized...

May 3, 2016

Hello All!


The original title for this week's post was "From Whence Cometh My Coffee?" That hasn't changed, I just wanted to update everyone who is coming to the race late. 


Speaking of which, if you are enjoying the blog, or you enjoy Brew Ha Ha, why not share it? We...

April 26, 2016

Now, where were we? Ah, yes. Roselius, in a rage-filled bid for vengeance, murdered caffeine in coffee and successfully avenged his deceased father. Confused? You should check out last week's post real quick. For everyone else, we were just getting to the awesome part!


April 19, 2016

Fellow Brew Buddies,


This week, we take a detour from the coffee bean's journey from field and fen to cup and carafe in order to explore one of life's greatest mysteries: decaf coffee. 


Yes, decaffeinated coffee is a source of great discord in the coffee-loving, sleep-...

April 12, 2016

Hello coffee lovers! Last we met, Brew Ha Ha was gearing up for some serious coffee conversation. After a week of anticipation, and absolutely no planning whatsoever, we are here to start the Everything Coffee Series. This series is going to cover everything you need t...

April 6, 2016


Last week, for better or worse, we kicked off the Brew Ha Ha Blog, and we’ve gotten some really great feedback – thank you all! This week on the blog, we are taking a step towards the true purpose of this space: education.


There is a lot of fun “click bait” online, li...

March 29, 2016


     “Barista” was always such a mysterious word for me. The term conjured thoughts of art, culture, decadence, luxury, skill, and not a little bit of confusion. What does a barista do? How do you become a barista? Why? The stereotype of the English-Major-tu...

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