The One with the Housekeeping

April 6, 2016



Last week, for better or worse, we kicked off the Brew Ha Ha Blog, and we’ve gotten some really great feedback – thank you all! This week on the blog, we are taking a step towards the true purpose of this space: education.


There is a lot of fun “click bait” online, like 10 Reasons Baristas Are Just Like Monks,” or You’ll Never Belieber What Justin Bieber Just Did,” (Do we ever?), but we feel the Brew Ha Ha Blog needs to be more similar to the shop itself.


That is, we want it to be a place where everyone who loves coffee can come to read, learn, and talk about coffee and why we love it so darn much! We want this space, right here, to be the go-to space for coffee talk.




No! No, not that kind of coffee talk, Linda Richman... 


So, this week, I am going to do my best to make a list of educational announcements seem like fun, must-read click bait. I’ve been training my whole life for this. First, I’ll tackle the blog and what we have in store in the future, and then we’ll cover some changes to Brew Ha Ha: Physical Version.


The Brew Ha Ha Blog


We are going to start up a few series of blog posts that aim to teach our beloved patrons and fellow coffee-lovers the ins and outs of Brew Ha Ha, as well as the coffee industry, coffee roasting, and the subtle art of slamming back a shot.



The best part is that you get to pick! We will be responding to questions and comments on the Brew Ha Ha Blog and on Facebook – and don’t worry, we’ll keep it anonymous. Maybe. So, if you’ve ever wondered why a light roast is stronger than a dark roast, or what the word “Robusto” means, leave it below!


Coffee Talk


As I write this, I have spent about half an hour trying to add a “News” section to our website without having to pay through the nose. Apparently, I underestimated the capitalist aspects of the web.




In lieu of that, we’re going to include a brief “Coffee Talk” section with every blog post – just a short section with the top stories from the past week and some helpful links to help ruin your productivity for the morning. You’re welcome.


Speaking of which…


Starbucks is opening a MEGA store in New York City next year. Whoa.




Coffee – yes, even decaf – has been linked to a serious drop in Colorectal Cancer. So, yea… drink coffee.


And for kicks and giggles, here’s a look at our presidential candidates as mugs of Joe! We particularly like Hillary’s…


Yes, I realize I may not have gotten those in proper order of importance... Nevertheless, we soldier on. (Or is it, "on that which we soldier"?). 


The Future


As I said above, the future holds great things for Brew Ha Ha. Here are a few secrets we aren’t posting anywhere else:


1.     We’ve upgraded our coffee! We are now buying and serving coffee with no lower than        an 85 Q-Rating. What does that mean? Basically, it’s awesome. Don’t worry about it.

2.    Our Nitro Cold Brew is getting even fancier! Starting now, we are rotating through            single-source cold brews, just like our Daily Roast. 

Have you ever tasted cold-brewed Tanzanian?

3.     And, in case you didn’t know already, you can come get your pound of coffee for the        week or month here, and it's WAY fresher and less expensive than at the grocery store.        Like, so fresh! You wouldn’t believe how unbelievably fresh this cof-. 

       Whoops. Jesse’s walking towards me menacingly with a vaudeville hook!


So, that’s my time, folks! See you next week with more good stuff.


Signing Off!


Joe Weidenboerner

Chief of Coffee Relations

Brew Ha Ha at the Colony



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