Spotlight on: Burundi

October 13, 2016

One of our most versatile beans comes from Burundi; an East African country bordering Rwanda, Tanzania, and the Congo. It’s a washed processed bean grown at an altitude between 1400-1900 meters. Being of the bourbon varietal, it maintains its structure under the high heat of a dark roast without ever getting bitter or breaking down to ash. The range it has in the roaster has allowed us plenty of wiggle room to decide on the best way to serve it. The farms we buy from are sticklers for hand sorting this specialty grade coffee and the clean flavors really shine no matter how we treat it. The body remains surprisingly balanced as well, regardless of roast level.


We can find a reason to use the Burundi in pretty much any brewing method there is. The shop’s preference for brewed coffee and Aeropress is a light-medium roast to focus on the juicy body and sweet citrusy notes. We use this same roast for cold brewing as well due to the nitrogen adding staying power to the bright flavors. At a dark roast, we can bring out a custard-like quality that adds a savory note to our espresso blends and graham cracker sweetness without any tartness to them. 


We’ve only been serving this coffee for a few months now but it is quickly becoming a staple. And with so much dynamism in what we can achieve with it from our roasters to our baristas to your cup, we’re confident that you will enjoy it in its various forms over the coming months. This coffee, like the rest of our coffee, was responsibly cultivated and sourced at over 50% above Fair Trade pricing and exceeds our stringent quality standards. 

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