Spotlight on: Sumatra

November 10, 2016

After waiting for Sumatran to come back in season for what seemed like an eternity, finally it has returned and boy, oh boy, have we found a great lot this time! Hailing from Indonesia, this co-op coffee packs a punch. It exemplifies the typical “Sumatran Flavor” in almost every way: an earthy, low acidity coffee with peat and toasted cedar overtones, a pungent smoky fragrance and a thick body. In a word; it tastes wild!


We like relatively low-acidity coffees for espresso. Since you are getting so much dark roasted coffee at once, the initial bite of tart or overly fruity coffees can be bracing and doesn’t work well in flavored lattes. We need our espresso to work well in every drink we make including standalone shots. Sumatran then, is a versatile addition to our signature espresso blend, combining a flavor that doesn’t dominate when introduced to other flavors, a body that is full of texture, and just a bit of brown sugar sweetness to balance it all out. It absolutely sings as a doubleshot.


For our drip coffee offering we ease up and roast it to a medium level (sometimes called full city). This increases the pungency of the aroma but cuts out some of the smokiness of the darker roasts that could overtake the cup when brewed through a drip coffee maker. Look for it bagged up as part of our espresso blend, or bag it yourself as a single origin. Either way, you are going to love it. This coffee was sourced sustainably, responsibly, and ethically, and towers above our lofty quality standards.


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